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Commercial Metal Doors and Frames Installation

Looking for commercial metal door and frame installation for your commercial business? 

Commercial Drywall Dallas is able to help you source and install the best metal door for your needs. We are trusted in the Dallas Metro for expert metal door and framing services. We have the experience that gives our clients high-quality products and services with results that last!

Dallas business owners trust Commercial Drywall Dallas because of our experience and best quality services and products. We can help commercial businesses and property owners for metal door replacement and installing newer doors needed for offices, restaurants, government buildings, industrial uses and much more.

Regardless of your requirements, our crews will install the commercial metal doors to suit your needs and budget. We provide you all types of metal doors and services including commercial storefront repair and replacement and aluminum door frames.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call to install your commercial metal doors.

We understand that business owners have different needs and we will take your specific situation into consideration to find the best solution possible.  We provide the best solutions for your commercial metal door installation needs. Our crews will work with you in all aspects to install the metal doors and frames to suit your needs.

Commercial Drywall Dallas has been the leading company for commercial metal door installation and we provide quality services across the Dallas Metro.

Hollow Commercial Steel Doors

A hollow metal door is a type of security steel that’s light and easy to install. They come with an aluminum exterior, making them strong, but also lightweight enough to not create a safety hazard for employees or customers. The benefits of hollow steel doors include:

  • Durability 
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Light Weight

Commercial aluminum and steel doors may come with glass or clear sections on the sides for an elegant look that’s never out-of-date. If you’re looking for a sleek design that will last forever, metal is your best bet because it doesn’t rot like wood or dry up like fiberglass does over time.

External Metal Doors and Frames

External metal doors and frames are usually made of steel or aluminum. Steel is the most common type used for residential external doorframes because it’s a reliable, durable material that will last forever. It can be recycled when a business no longer needs their external metal doorframe. Steel doesn’t rot like wood, so you don’t need to worry about replacing your exterior metal frame often. Aluminum exterior door frames are cheaper than steel ones and come in various colors. Although aluminum may not offer security and privacy like steel exterior metal frames do, they are strong enough to keep most intruders out.

Carbon steel external doors and frames require maintenance because they will need to be repainted every couple of years. A more inexpensive option for a commercial business looking for durability is to consider an aluminum outdoor doorframe with glass panel sections that allow light in during daytime hours while providing basic security at night time. Commercial external doorframes are just as important for a building as the internal ones, but they’re not always made of the same materials.

Metal Fire Doors

Metal Fire Doors are an important way to keep your building safe. They also provide a means of preventing fire from spreading through the rest of your property. Metal fire doors and frames are fire-rated so they offer a higher degree of safety against fire exposure. Metal fire doors are one of your best choices for fire protection. Metal fire doors and frames offer a much higher degree of fire protection than wood or fiberglass.

Metal is extremely durable and can be used in any space, including basements, commercial buildings, or apartments as long as they have proper ventilation systems installed. Metal doors will not get warped like other materials such as wood or foam insulation so they require practically zero maintenance over time. 

Metal Storm Doors

Metal Storm Doors are among the best in security, and can be installed so that it is flush against a building’s exterior or mounted to swing outward if needed. Metal storm door frames range from 16 gauge steel for basic installations and up to 36 gauge steel for larger commercial buildings. Metal storm doors provide excellent protection for your commercial building and there are many options available when choosing metal storm door frames. We specialize in customizing each individual order based on our customer’s needs.

It’s our company mission is to provide the highest quality metal doors and frames at competitive prices while delivering high levels of customer service throughout the project. Contact us today and speak with one of our experts! (214) 466-2010

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