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Commercial Acoustical Suspended Ceilings

Suspended acoustical ceiling grid systems can be a perfect fit for almost any project. We take the needs of architects, project managers, and builders into consideration when bidding out suspended acoustic ceiling panels, acoustic false ceilings, and acoustic drop ceilings for commercial building projects. 

A popular type of suspended ceiling is made up of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles (ACT) supported by a ceiling grid system. This type of system, sometimes called a lay-in ceiling, is extremely versatile, durable for decades, and very cost effective for commercial projects. A major advantage of ACT, is that the ceiling tiles can be removed without damage to the larger system, providing easy access to lighting, piping, and ductwork located above the ceiling. ACT is common in many commercial and institutional buildings providing flexibility as well as a wide variety of aesthetic options.

Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Components

Major components of a suspended lay-in ceiling includes a continuous main beam and T beam shapes that are suspended from the structural ceiling above by thin, but heavy duty hanger wires. This main grid is intersected by shorter cross T segments that connect to the main beam T shapes which ultimately create a rigid and sturdy frame. Edge molding shapes are attached to the walls around the perimeter of the room to provide further support and aesthetics. Ceiling tiles are then installed into the grid across the entire ceiling to complete the project.

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Ceiling Tile Sizes

Ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of standard and custom shapes and sizes. In addition to the standard tile sizes, custom tile sizes are generally available from most manufacturers. Ceiling tiles can be made in virtually any shape, making them adaptable to almost any project requirements. 

Ceiling Grid T Shapes

The most commonly used T shapes are 15/16″ wide with 9/16″ wide T shapes now becoming more common in commercial projects. Acoustic suspended ceiling manufacturers make a variety of design shapes that offer aesthetic options to customize the aesthetic results. A stepped T shape can be used with regular tiles to provide a ceiling with more depth. A reveal T shape provides a notch along the length of the grid that makes the T shapes recede more than a typical T shape, adding to the aesthetics of the results.

The two most common edge moldings used to terminate a ceiling grid at a wall include angle molding and shadow molding. Angle Molding is considered the standard and more common, while Shadow Molding creates a shadow line along the edge of the room. Manufacturers will also provide their own series of edge molding shapes to give more variety to fit the design requirements of the project.

Ceiling Tile Materials and Design

These days, ceiling tiles are available in an infinite variety of textures and designs. Although most ceiling tiles are made from mineral fiber, other materials like fiberglass are also available. Mineral fiber tiles are known to have a higher Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). Tiles with high NRC are good at absorbing sound within a space, lowering or preventing echo or loud environments. Other tiles are known to have a high Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC), which means they prevent sound from passing through the ceiling to another space. However, acoustic ceiling tiles are not generally to provide privacy between spaces.

In addition to tile material, there are a wide variety of design features available. Tiles may appear rough or smooth and may also have designs or other patterns imprinted or scored into them.

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