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Metal Studs

Metal Studs & Metal Stud Framing Products

High-quality metal framing products and metal Studs are an excellent building choice for both commercial and residential construction projects. 

Metal framing comes in a wide variety of standard widths, lengths, and gauges that are able to handle all of your special metal framing requirements. Metal framing can also be customized into special shapes in either stainless steel or aluminum and our engineers specialize in the field of metal stud framing.

Drywall installation is a standard and integral part of any commercial construction project. Despite this reality, few property managers or owners understand the value or differences between the framing products supporting the drywall gypsum board. 

In short, the framing materials used in the construction of your commercial building plays a major role in the final aesthetics and structural stability that will affect performance over the life of the asset. If you were to take a look behind the drywall in your building, you’ll find one of two materials; either wood or metal studs. While wood has is a fundamental building material that has been used throughout human history for construction, modern technological advances have helped to make steel and aluminum top industry choices for commercial building construction. 

When seeking a commercial drywall contractor,  it’s important to find a commercial drywall company that has extensive experience, along with the crew, tools and other equipment necessary to provide top quality metal stud framing for your project.  If you are looking for drywall contractors in the Dallas area to provide comprehensive services based on decades of experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, Commercial Drywall Dallas is here to help. 

Our drywall finishers are experienced in a variety of commercial construction environments including office, hospitality, institutional, and warehouse.

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Commercial Drywall Dallas
Commercial Metal Framing Dallas
Commercial Metal Stud Framing

Wood Studs

Wood is a classic and most common building material that has been used for construction since the dawn of time. Wood is a versatile construction material favored due to its ability to ber sustainably grown and harvested as well as for its reasonable material costs. Lumber is easier to work with when shaping and cutting compared to steel or aluminum solutions. Due to the favorable thermal aspects of wood, many construction specialists continue to use lumber over steel stud framing that has a much more rapid thermal temperature transfer, making it less efficient if not supported by proper insulation.

Metal Stud Framing

Metal stud framing was once considered to be a specialty solution for commercial building projects. However, technological advances have created an increasing demand for metal stud framing materials for commercial and residential projects at a far more economical cost than ever before. Metal stud framing is a versatile material that has become a favorite in the commercial drywall industry, exceeding in use over standard traditional wood framing solutions. Steel framing products now are fully recyclable, allowing the life cycle of the product to be increased as it can be used multiple times without concern for structural integrity or overall safety. Commercial Drywall Dallas is proud to provide steel framing services to create strong, cost-effective solutions for our business and commercial customers, as well as our hospitality, institutional, and warehouse projects. 

Benefits of steel framing include:

Ease of Installation

Steel studs are designed to make the installation process as simple and efficient as possible. One major benefit comes from the product weight due to the fact that metal weighs a fraction of its wooden counterpart. That makes metal studs far easier to transport to the construction site and location as well as to the point of assembly by our drywall crews. Metal studs also come with screws already attached, saving valuable time on the construction site and making installation and simplifying any needed corrections. The manufacturing process also ensures that steel studs are level and plumb after installation.

Convenient Materials Management 

Steel’s lighter weight is also coupled with its smaller stature, making transportation and storage much simpler throughout the project. These construction advantages add up to lower logistical and installation costs, saving important construction costs. 

In the commercial drywall industry, general contractors and building owners have a wide range of choices for what materials to use on their projects. It’s important to know about your options before making final decisions, as the right choices can result in beneficial outcomes at the end of your building construction or renovation that can affect durability and performance throughout the life of the building. The use of steel stud framing continues to grow every year as more contractors favor the benefits it has to offer. It has grown so much over recent years that steel stud framing now represents more than 40% of commercial structures. Valuable benefits of steel framing such as non-combustibility, termite resistance, and dimensional stability can dramatically lower construction and maintenance costs, as well as ensure greater durability for the life of the building. Because steel framing is more stable than wood, with no shrinkage, splitting, warping, nail pops or drywall cracks to repair once the project is complete. 

Commercial Drywall Dallas provides top quality metal studs framing for your commercial project to get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are experienced in steel construction and bring the right crews, lifts, and tools to get professional results at reasonable prices.

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