Commercial Drywall Finishing

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Commercial Drywall Finishing

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Commercial Drywall Finishing

Commercial drywall finishing is a huge undertaking with many different steps that need to be considered. It’s important to know what it takes to finish a commercial space so you can determine the right materials and products for your project, and also not overlook any of the details that will affect your project’s timeline and success rate. 

Drywall is a standard material that’s used in a majority of commercial spaces. Drywall is made up of gypsum and glue, which are generally lightweight and easy to work with or carry, but the weight of the gypsum and the odd dimensions of sheetrock panels can make them difficult to manage, especially when working above shoulder height. Drywall material is usually covered with a layer of plaster for a smoother look, but this layer won’t affect the structural integrity or soundness of the building it’s being used in. After final installation, it is also painted and textured to fit your needs.

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Drywall Finishing Level Standards

Level 0 Commercial Drywall Finishing

Level 0 Commercial Drywall Finishing includes only the finishing touches after a contractor has already completed the installation of the drywall. A Level 0 job is usually done by someone who does not have experiences with commercial drywalling, such as a painting crew or a general contractor and may entail touching up joints, seams or cracks to make them look seamless.

Level 1 Commercial Drywall Finishing

Level One drywall finishes are used in smaller commercial buildings such as retail stores, offices, and restaurants. Level One is also referred to as primer coatings or skim coats. Level One Drywall Finishing can be applied over an existing layer of paint or plaster without sanding the surface first; this makes it quick and easy for small businesses with limited budgets. Level One Commercial Drywalling is a cost-effective solution that won’t break your budget before finishing other important renovations like painting or laying floor tiles. In addition, Level One Coatings may also offer greater moisture resistance than traditional finishes because they create a tighter seal around the drywall which helps prevent water damage during construction projects when pipes burst below floors not accessible by plumbers.

Level 2 Commercial Drywall Finishing

The Level Two commercial drywall finish is when the sheets of drywall are painted. Level Two finishes can be a base color or have various colors added to them. Leve Two finishes are not as durable and require more maintenance than Level One, but they do reduce noise levels due to their sound absorbent quality. Level Two finishes are more expensive for the contractor and best used in offices, schools, and other places where noise levels need to be controlled.

Levels One and Two are both appropriate choices depending on the needs of a project. Level One requires no painting since it already has an aesthetically pleasing color scheme applied at installation. Level Two does require painting after the installation as well as periodic maintenance to keep up its appearance, which means that Level Two will have increased costs due to labor and material usage over time. It also may not provide enough sound protection if there’s loud machinery or lots of activity nearby. Level One is a better choice if sound insulation or beautification is the priority.

Level 3 Commercial Drywall Finishing

Level Three Commercial Drywall Finishing involves installing and finishing the set-up of crown molding, chair rail, wainscoting, baseboard trim, cove moldings or other decorative elements on walls in high traffic areas such as lobbies and entryways.

The most important thing to be aware of when doing Level Three Commercial Drywall Finishing is that you have to plan your work so it maintains the same finish from room to room because this type of job can make quick changes more difficult if they are needed down the road for any reason. This means that all joints where two different types of materials meet should either overlap by at least half an inch or use both methods to create a transition that is seamless.

The Level Three Commercial Drywall Finishing process also requires following guidelines for the application of latex or oil-based paint, as well as waterproofing and fire retardant materials in high traffic areas like lobbies and entryways so that they are durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic without damage in these locations. Level three commercial drywall finishing can be done with either coatings or textures but knowing which one will work best before you start your project will help make it go more smoothly.

Level 4 Commercial Drywall Finishing

Level Four Commercial Drywall Finishing means that the Level of Drywall Finishing requires that the drywall has a stronger finish, with thicker layers and smoother consistency than Level Three. Level Four is used for projects where there will be heavy use such as in gymnasiums or on aircraft carriers. 

Another great use case for Level Four is where drywall needs to resist moisture penetration better because this level includes greater protection for high-risk exposure locations. As a rule of thumb, the thickness of standard drywalls are increased by 50% (from inch) when leveling up from Level Three to Level Four so they can last longer without getting damaged. 

Level 5 Commercial Drywall Finishing

 Level Five Commercial Drywall Finishing is the highest level of drywall finishing and usually requires a high degree of skill. It can be used to finish any kind of building from houses, hotels, offices, etc. This level includes the following: skim coating surfaces with joint compound; sanding down areas where necessary (usually after applying spackle); priming seams before painting them over; adding texture coats if needed then topcoat finishes such as water-based sealers or polyurethane varnish. 

Level five coating provides an extra layer of protection to the pores in the drywall, which will help protect it against all sorts of accidental spills and accidents that may happen throughout a building’s life span. It also prevents mold or mildew from appearing on walls if they have been damaged by leaks. 

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