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How To Choose A Commercial Drywall Contractor

Drywall is the paneling used to make interior walls and ceilings in commercial and residential construction. Drywall installation is an essential component of the commercial construction process. Because drywall is such an important part of the construction process, it is essential to hire a drywall contractor that is experienced with the type of construction your project requires. An ideal commercial drywall contractor will not only follow standard procedures throughout the estimation and bidding process, they will also execute the drywall installation efficiently and on-budget while guaranteeing the work once completed. 

Doing research on the local market to find the right commercial drywall contractor is a great way to start! Even if you have a referral from a trusted source, that does not mean that particular contractor will be the best fit for the type of project you need to complete. Also, each contractor will have different timelines, crew availability and relationships with the local code offices that you may need to consider prior to determining whether they are the right contractor. It is valuable to create a list of the most important aspects of your project so that you can more easily determine whether a specific contractor is the best fit for the project. 

By hiring a drywall contractor that has expertise in all aspects of your project, you increase the opportunities for successful completion to your satisfaction. The best commercial drywall contractors will have their team create a strategy for how they plan to begin and execute the work so it may be completed in the safest, most cost-effective and time efficient manner possible. Well equipped drywall contractors have the tools and resources needed to ensure success in drywall installation at the commercial project scale. 

Hanging drywall in a commercial construction environment is risky and working with a company that strives to maximize safety and efficiency is a great approach. Working with a qualified general contractor is also a way to mitigate potential risks and protect the investment you are making in the project. Commercial Drywall Dallas maintains relationships with multiple general contractors state-wide and works closely with general contractors to ensure that all trades working on a project are in close communication and work together to make projects a success. 

There are contractors with all levels of skill and specialties in the commercial drywall construction industry. This requires a project manager or building owner to understand the goal and best result they require for their project so they can choose the right contractor to complete the job. 

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Until the drywall subcontractor’s work is completed, a building will look more like a vacant shell. Drywall represents the start of the finish-out stage of a construction project. This final phase of the project is important because it will affect the overall result and aesthetic of the building once completed. 

When working on larger commercial projects, the drywall contractor is one of the last trades to work on a building before completion. Drywall contractors execute their portion of the building plan once the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work has already been completed. The drywall contractor will construct framing, whether wood or metal studs, install insulation, and hang drywall on the framing, as well as tape and bed to create flat walls for final finish out.

These days, more buildings seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification. This higher standard of construction requires a drywall contractor that supports energy efficiency and understands how to use specialized energy-efficient products including insulation and framing materials that affect thermal control. Environmentally-friendly products may include a high percentage of recycled or renewable materials or products that do not include harmful substances. The critical factor of sustainable and energy-efficient insulation which can affect pricing the most is R-Value. The R-Value measures heat flow resistance for the building envelope. For example, a high R-Value is like an investment in energy savings over the long-term because high R-Value insulation maintains warm air in a building during cold weather and cool air in during hot weather more efficiently.

While traditional gypsum drywall is still the most commonly used drywall construction material, there are now many different types of drywall on the market. Drywall placement can affect moisture resistance and some drywalls are made of recycled and renewable building materials. Some materials also offer an additional level of fire and soundproofing. Depending on your design objectives, performance requirements, and project budget, there are multiple materials that may be available to meet your needs.

Measuring, cutting, and placing the drywall sheets is the most physically demanding part of hanging drywall on any commercial drywall project. Ensuring that the right size pieces are cut and openings are created for electrical outlets and light switches is essential to a successful drywall project. Finishing or finish out is the final phase of the drywall project to ensure the drywall joints and edges are smooth, symmetrical, and properly prepared for paint or wallcovering. This time is an intensive and time consuming multi-step process that involves a great deal of expertise to properly cover joints and screw heads with special joint compound and tape, sanding, and repeating the process as needed to create the best result possible.

Drywall is traditionally one of the most popular choices in the commercial industry. It is very important to hire the right drywall contractor for any commercial drywall installation. A few things to consider when hiring a company to do your installation include the following:


Commercial drywall installers and contractors should have experience with all types of drywall installations from office and tenant improvement, hospitality, restaurant, industrial, and warehouse. The right commercial drywall contractor should communicate all details and be able to help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective drywall materials for your project. 


Expertly installed commercial drywall will be uniform so that it will look its best once final finishes are installed. For example, in properly installed drywall, cracks and fissures will not be visible in the wall and no bubbles or blisters will be present. High-quality commercial drywall installation provides a smooth, uniform finish across all walls included in the project.


The best commercial drywall installation provides a flawless coating and finishes over the drywall, ensuring that any imperfections that may have been present in the framing or structure are covered and will not be visible to the eye.


Commercial construction projects are at the mercy of mistakes and materials. The last thing you want to be doing on a commercial construction site is to be correcting errors that could have been prevented. Improper drywall installation or other mistakes can be costly! 

Commercial Drywall Dallas prides itself on providing our valued customers with the highest quality drywall installation and construction solutions and deliver them on time and within budget. 

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